Zigzag -Here is the surprise ☺️

Dear tree,
Oh, how big are your roots?
What could be your age?
And why are you so big?..
It doesn’t matter how many questions were running parallel on my mind, the best click on my mind was when I kept focused myself on your roots.
In first impression, I wanted to dig you down just to see how deep are your roots,
But it was not so easy to dig you, so I dropped my idea and I decided to sit there for some time…. and continuously I was looking at you,
I spent an hour to understand the deep calmness and peace that you maintained within yourself.. best feeling ever;
At the same time, the wind was so fast, full tree was shaking, it was your roots who hold you tightly with full force to maintain outside movement.

Written by Jyoti Thakur on .

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