Wonderful shades of sunset

Sunset is beautiful….
Beautiful series of colors can be seen during sunset, Red and orange are stunning colors that glorifying the sunset more.

Beauty is always there, no doubt about it. Sunset is amazing and we are lucky that we can enjoy this every day. All the colors are so impressive that we cannot take our eyes out of it. Most of our life we missed this beautiful creation of nature because of our hectic schedule but whenever possible we should spare time to repose ourselves .
Sunset is a Healer:
Yes it’s true sunset view has emotional impact on individual also. For example if some one has bad day, sunset can play wonders here through its Magical colors. Few moments spent with a mesmerizing view can turn things back on track ,
Have you ever spent some time viewing sunset , if no … please try it.. I am pretty sure all the sorrow and tiredness will be away in a second. The beauty of sunset can change bad mood easily.
Its not so easy to capture the sunset view in lenses.
I made this picture after a long wait. Its not that much perfect but yes the emotional connection can predict my relationship with the nature.

Written by Jyoti Thakur on .

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