Wild Allamanda💛

One of outdoor choice, native of Florida is getting popularity all over the world.
This is woody climber plant with glossy leaves, neon yellow color flowers are simply attractive, and usually flowering through June to October.
This plant is poisonous if consumed, despite, handling plant may cause skin problem or eyes irritation.

key facts:

  • Scientific name : Urechites Lutea
  • Family : apocalypse
  • Origin : Central America
  • Plant type : Vine
  • Water requirements : very less nad drought tolerant
  • Climate required : Sun to partial shades
  • Height : 6 to 8 ft
  • Bloom time : Summer and Spring
  • Propagation : stem cutting
  • Soil conditions : alkaline, acidic, sand, loam, clay;
  • Common names : wild Allamanda, yellow Mandevilla,
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