White lantana -butterflies corner 🦋

This shrub is best for hedge and landscapes view.

If you are looking for a wonderful addition to your native garden, white lantana is going to be an ideal choice, as it brings up beautiful and dense clusters of flowers with fruit.It’s beautiful small sage like leaf and bright flowers add smooth color and texture to the garden And due to its aromatic fragrance and nectar property, many butterflies flock towards it.

Key points :

  • Scientific Name: lantana
  • Family : verbenaceae
  • Native areas : coastal countries
  • Plant type : shurb
  • Height : 24 to 36 inch
  • Width : 15 to 18 inch
  • Bloom time : full year
  • Light : full sun
  • Danger : poisonous in nature, if consumed
  • Water requirements : moderate watering
  • Soil : moist and well drained
  • Maintenance : very low
  • Propagation : seeds and stem cutting
  • Common names : wild sage, button sage

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