White Aromatic Jasmine

Are you lost ever with nature fragrance?? I still remember during my childhood I use to smell flowers in my garden for hours. I believe every flower has its unique beauty and aroma.
Have you ever smelled flowers? If not yet , try #royaljasmine
So today morning, I found one flower during my walk named as #jasmineflower. When I was passing through I felt a strong smell all around and I stopped myself for a while. It was the moment when I started feeling something attractive towards jasmine. So I started looking at Jasmine and I was going with flow as jasmine was going all around. When I moved my eyes ,I saw jasmine has covered a good space on a tree. all branches were like falling down in order to add some white beauty to the ground. The constant beauty can be felt in the form of blooming white flowers, attractive leaves, opening buds and a pleasant smell.
Now I can correlate my whole interaction with Jasmin was like white blanket wrapped on a tree , believe me it was so wonderful….
Top of it Jasmine considered as top class flower in fragrance wise and for its exquisite beauty as well. Due to its richness in fragrance , everybody likes to plant jasmine in most favorite area of the garden and hence many preferred to plant as indoor too.
Jasmine is cultivated for many reasons like it is widely used to make strong scents and for the medicine purposes also.
Interestingly, in India it is believed that jasmine has a spiritual significance as well. It is known with name as #Chameli ka fool.

Basic points :
Scientific Name : jasmine grandiflorum
Family :Oleaceae
Height : 10 to 40 feet
Plant type : climbers
Tolerance : heat and humidity
Blooming period : mid summer to fall
Light preference : full sun and partial shade
Soil range : sand, clay loamy
Water requirements: moderate
Common names : Royal Jasmine, Spanish jasmine

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