When nights are bright….

Mountains have always been inspirational when it comes to reposing yourself and meet the glorious part of nature , pace of life de-accelerate in between cities and villages of mountains,

I do cherish the song “country roads take me home “ a lot whenever I happen to be on any lane leading to my beautiful home

Most beautiful part of this rural life is night , filled with cool and clam breeze. Glittering and countless stars makes u feel as if u have a parallel world looking at you ,

I am glad that I was able to capture one such mesmerizing night and can share with you all , this photo has helped to revive faint memories of such beautiful childhood ,

I was lost for minutes and was so moonstruck 🙂 that every worry looked so small to me , while we continue to chase our dreams in our adulthood we always miss on such small yet very soothing life term experiences ,

Time spent in moonlight after so many years will always keep me mindful of the fact that nature had always and will continue to have a lot for human kind , its on us what we value and what we take .

Written by Jyoti Thakur on .

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