When I saw you….

It was the evening time when my little girl was playing outside and she observed you in one corner of the playground. She came running to me and started pulling me up.
I asked her what is the matter my love, she looked at me with loving eyes and said I found something special for you.. please come along…blushing me☺️
I went with her and then I saw you, you were amazing and attractive. I fell in love with your beauty. You were quite young too.
With the striking contrast of green foliage and creamy white flowers that held high on a stem were playing a great synchronization to each other…you are simple and capitatvive flower, I must say….
It’s fairly a lovely surprise for me. Oh but I forgot to mention the name of this gorgeous and adorable plant.
Well, it’s peace lily plant. This is one of most trending houseplants these days, because they are fairly easy to grow indoor and outdoor, and beautiful too!!!!

Basic Key points related to peace lily:
• Scientific name: Spathiphyllum
• Family:Araceae
• Life Cycle: Perennial
• Region Of Origin: Mexico, Tropical America, Malaysia, and Western Pacific;
• Height : 6 feet
• Width: upto 5 feet
• Plant type: houseplant, herb and poisonous
• Maintenance: low
• Light preference: full sun and partial shaded
• Soil texture : organic
• Soil drainage : well drained and moist
• Bloom period: not specific,
• Flower specifications: creamy/ white, size is upto 6inch, tabular shape and showy in nature.
• Poison severity : medium
• Common Names: Mauna Loa Peace, peace Lily, Spathe Lily, white Sails

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