Warm sunset

The moments will be more precious if I’ll get every evening sunset like this ,
When it comes to the colors of setting sun, my eyes always fix onto its warm side of colors. This beautiful sunset has a magical power to stop me in any way and engage me in watching and appreciating its beauty.
It’s like love at first sight,
I am confessing that every time whenever I get a chance to collect the sunset pictures, I tend to forget myself into that moment and loose my complete focus from camera . Whether I am on my evening walk or standing still outside of a garden, without even noticing it, I love to zoom my lenses to capture such a beautiful evening. The collection of clouds and warmth of sun represent the true and most beautiful moments throughout the day.
These snapshots are my real treasure. I always love to capture and collect memories as many wonderful moments as I can in my life.

Written by Jyoti on .

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