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Combretum Indicum

Rangoon Creeper is natives to tropical Asia that can be found in India, Malaysia and Phillipines.This is a woody vine that can reach upto the height 2.5 to 8m long. The leaves attached to it opposite to each other with glossy green in colour which grow from 7 to 15 cm.

And the blooming pair is in tabular arrangement with fragrances and consist of an array of colour which turned into three stages , first in white to pink, and then to red. The change in colour comes with the growth of shurb. When vine is fully grown it comes with fruit which taste just like an almond.

Addition to this, Rangoon creeper has some medicinal properties also. It’s roots, seed and fruits can be used for various treatments.

Related key points:

  • Scientific name : Combretum Indicum
  • Family : Combretaceae
  • Plant type : Vine
  • Heights :6 m
  • Growth rate : Fast
  • Soil conditions : well drained
  • Bloom time : June to September
  • Cultivation: as ornamental and wild
  • Climate required : full sun and shady
  • Propagation : through seed
  • Common names: Rangoon Creeper, Burma creeper, Chinese Honeysuckle
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