Those Lush green fields…

All around it was beautiful scenic view of lush green and it was so gladden to the eyes also. In between to my small journey, I have comes across these fields through many villages and got to lucky to see such a beautiful ambience.
All through, it was a great experience to learn and to interact more with nature. I love the fields and so as I could spend an entire day writing and thinking about nature. It’s good to set myself free for full day😀 no work no problem..🙂
On One side where the lush green fields always fascinate the minds,
On the other side it always takes longer time and hard work to make them beautiful.
I personally saw how farmers love to work in their fields even the sun is on its maximum peak.

When sun is High, we can chill under this mango tree.
Priceless hard-work
Nature 💚
Lush vegetation
Beautiful landscape field
Flourish, lavish field surrounded with mango trees.
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