The evergreen Yucca Glauca 🌱

Many times, we have seen so many plants with varieties of benefits;
Here I discovered one more plant that have a long history of its benefits. It’s a complete basket which is full of many surprises for us🙂
Lucky to know you.
As it’s name referred, soapweed Yucca ,
It’s Roots uses:

  • to make shampoo and soaps for the treatment of dandruff and many skin related problems;
    -for the treatment of hypertension, migraine, stomach problems, diabetes, liver and gallbladder disorders
    -for cold infusion to deliver the baby;
    -can be applied to wounds, cuts and even on blood clots;
  • rotten roots can be crushed and boiled to make suds. As drinking this suds is considered as to induce the menopause in women. Just to reduce fertility.
    -It’s fruit can be used as baking purpose;
    -flowers and bud can be consumed as raw, cooked and boiled form;
    -its Stem and seedpods can also be eaten;
    Leaves uses:
    -Used for making cloths, mats and ropes,
  • to make baskets, Brooms and brushes for household use,
    And additionally it’s Sharp leaves are used as to make needles.

Yucca Glauca is evergreen and scented shrub that initially grow at a slow rate. For first full year it is with its long sharp leaves. And after getting some maturity It start blooming during late and mid summer. Hence this plant is considered as sturdy plant and pure symbol of beauty. Due to its many features and simple existence as tough and sturdy stems ; sharp long green leaves; large clusters of white flowers make it as a handsome display in the sandy or on rocky ground.
Yucca plant is all about white and green blossoms. It’s bell shaped flowers which are white initially and then into a pale green. The flowers are normally 6 to 7 cm long. And the fragrance of plain Yucca can be felt during night time.

  • Basic points :
  • Binomial Name: Yucca Glauca
  • Family : Asparagaceae
  • Native country: Central North America
  • Plant type : shrub
  • Light : full sun
  • Height
  • Width : 24 to 36 inch
  • Bloom Time : Mid and late summer
  • Bloom color : white to pale green
  • Maintenance : low
  • Water requirement : low
  • Soil conditions : loamy and shallow rocky
  • Soil drainage : dry soil, good drained
  • Poison severity : very low
  • Propagation : seed, stem and root cutting
  • Common Names: small soapweed, soapweed Yucca, great plain Yucca, Spanish bayonet.

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