The divine tree –enrich your life with neem 🌲

A complete package that plays vital role for humankind to treat various health problems.

Neem usage

-helps to boost immune system,
-To cure various skin problems like acne, pimples
-In oral health and bad breath
-For treating malaria, diabetes, fungal infections.
-Detoxification of the blood
-Cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry

-as Pest repellent and fertilization.

Few important key points are;

  • Scientific name : Azadirachta indica A juss(Persian Name) Here azad means: free and dirakht means: tree
  • Family : Meliaceae
  • Origin : India and Bangladesh
  • Height : 35 to 40 meters
  • Width : 20 to 25 meters
  • Light : bright sunlight
  • Water requirements : moderate
  • Soil conditions : well drained soil
  • Common names : Neem tree, Neem and Kiswahili

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