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Awww what’s that?
I guess you will be surprised after seeing my pictures and equally curious to know what’s going on?
Believe me, for the first time when I saw those dry leaves which were placed on sticks like made of structure, I was wondering what could be the purpose of these leaves.
After gathering so much knowledge I finally came to know about this tobacco plant fields which I have shared in my previous post.
This curing process or drying leaves is very necessary step to cure tobacco after harvesting and before consuming. This process is completely color changing process and carried to cure the leaves under the presence of full sun light so that it’s chlorophyll content can be reduced to an extent.
No doubt, the way of arranging the leaves on hand made like structure which is itself very capitatvive and new to me. I found this overall very interesting in my journey and captured this beautiful arrangement for the lane of my memory.

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