Summer’s Special – Wild Petunia

Ruellia humilis is Summer’s special plant that are graced with lavender or violet funnel shaped flowers with five spreading lobes. The flowers are 1.5 to 2 inch long. Plants have tendency to grow uprights and about a foot in height. It has excellent multi- branched stems that covered with fine hair. Its appearance is very compact, short and bushy. Overall, plant looks completely striking.
If you will observe wild petunia carefully, you will see the leaves are opposite, finger shaped, upto 2-1/2 inches long, smooth in texture with white long hairs on both the sides.
The flowers are also forming a fine bunch of light lavender or purples color flowers that got fused from the base of a leaf and then separated from the top and got tangled onto spreading lobes.
Throughout, it’s a hardy plant, still thrilled to shower its beautiful colors for about two to Four months provided with normal temperature and soil conditions. The plant can survive well if it will expose itself under the sun light with well drained and dry soil. This is like a bit aggressive plant, so surely it is an excellent addition during driest times of the summer. Wild petunia does a great job as ground cover, landscape, roadsides and in compact space as well.

Key points :
• Scientific Name : Ruellia humilis
• Family : Acanthaceae
• Native areas : Eastern United States
• Plant type : perennials
• Height : 1 to 2 feet
• Width : 1.5 to 2 feet
• Sunlight : Full sun
• Blooming season : June to August
• Blooming colors : white, purple and lilac blue
• Water requirements :dry to medium
• Maintenance : average
• Soil conditions : clay, loam and sandy
• Soil drainage : well drained and moist and dry
• Flower type : showy
• Main attraction : hummingbirds, butterflies and pollinators
• Propagation : by roots
• Common name– wild petunia, fringe leaf Ruellia

In own garden
Tangled flowers
Separated one
On Bloom

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