Summer bloom in the garden

Well, blooming period is going on all around and we can enjoy the colorful blossoms that nature has given us. I believe many of among us wanted to connect with nature. To Establish a true relationship with nature will give us happiness and calmness in such a busy schedule.
So blossom is one form of nature that we can be part of very easily ,
Like Yesterday I just saw peregrine flower, butterflies and bees were buzzing around the beautiful flowers and Red flowers were on full bloom under the shadow of full sun. That moment was supremely magical to justify the beauty of peregrine.
As summer is on full swing, glossy sharp leaves and tiny red flowers are witnessing the plant description.

Key points :
• Scientific Name : Jatropha integerrima
• Family : euphorbiaceae
• Native areas : Cuba and Hispaniola
• Plant type : perineal plant
• Height : 4 to 10 inch
• Width : 4 to 6 inch
• Sunlight : Full sun and sometimes preferred partial shades
• Blooming season : summer
• Flowers color: red
• Water requirements : medium
• Maintenance : average
• Soil conditions : loam and sand
• Soil drainage : dry and acidic soil
• Propagation : by cutting stems
• Common names : fire cracker, spicy Jatropha, star of Bethlehem, peregrina

Written by Jyoti Thakur on .

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