Still there is much light that is fair…

Winters are on going,
the day is running hazy and the nights are chilly and dark….
Every year when winter comes, it brings lot of love, joy and wave of cold along with gray days.
A few days ago I was witness of many beautiful smoky days throughout the week.
The sun was hardly staying for one hour as if it was trying to play hide and seek with us. The dark days, pale green beauty of nature, warm clothes, endless choices of foods were enough to give lovely moments in these days.
I saw the nature is itself enjoying this lovely season of warmness as most beautiful thing are happening back to back. In every second you will get many chances to see nature in more vibrant way. Like I get to know how the sun is trying to embrace it’s rays into leaves. Now the warmness of sun can be felt all around ,
‘A little light can be a new ray of hope for the beginning of new day”

Written by Jyoti on .

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