Spider Lily ♥️

India’s most favourite plant that can survive in any condition. Its apperance is kind of a spider crawal and can be seen in full summer.Flowers has a strong vanilla fragrance, that can be easily felt around it.

The impressive white flower have narrow petals making centre cup structure (flower like a cup with many straws) It’s stamen filament are dark green in colour and stems are almost 2 feet long and the flower can grow of the length 30cm when it’s fully ready to bloom.

Some key points are mentioned below:

  • Origin : South Mexico and Central America
  • Scientific name : Hymenocallis littoralis
  • Family : Amaryllidaceae
  • Height : 2 to 3 feet
  • Width : 0.7 m
  • Climate : Full sun, partial shade
  • Water requirements : frequent watering
  • Soil conditions : Moist
  • Propagation : through seeds
  • Common names : spider Lily, beach spider Lily
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