South Indian flower hunt – Crossandra

Weather you place firecracker Flower at the corner of your home or either you place at outside home. In both the way it’s beautifying your place with its charming colors.
Conditions to grow Crossandra:
To grow firecracker as a houseplant there is basic temperature condition that has to be attained at minimum of 10 degree Celsius. Being so attractive and easy to maintain, many believe to grow in beds as well.
About firecracker flower :
evergreen flowering shrub that typically attain a height around 18 to 30 inch. It signifies as Golden Yellow – orange in color, fan shaped flowers, glossy dark green that continue to bloom for many months. The clusters of flowers are unusually asymmetric and has 3 to 5 petals. there are some other varieties that can be seen nowadays like white and purple in colors. Though it’s not an aromatic flower but it can stay fresh for several days on the bush. Due to its tiny flowers, it used to serve for rituals in all the temples across South India. Its one of most favorite Flower among south Indian women as they used flowers for the embellish of their hairs.
The golden beauty around South:
If you ever get a chance to visit to south India and specially in Kerala and Malenadu, you will found Crossandra flowers in large scale. In South India, It is known as #Kanakambaram.

Basic points:
• Scientific name : Crossandra infundibuliformis
• Family : Acanthus
• Country of origin : South India; Sri Lanka ; Bangladesh
• Plant type : Flowering shrub
• Flower colors : gold yellow ; orange
• Blooming time : June to January
• Special Light :partial sun to partial shade.
• Water needs : regular watering to maintain Moist soil.
• Propagation : from seeds and stem cutting too.
• Common name : Firecracker Flower, tropical flame

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