Singapore Daisies

The pretty yellow flowers looks very attractive and give a green mat like feel on the ground. It’s a kind of very aggressive and rapid weed that can easily grasp all the environmental conditions to grow ,it even can grow on sandy or rough terrain, poor and less fertile soils.
Singapore Daisy can also grow through lawns and gardens as a landscape which will add a unique, shady, dense and smooth layout through the lawns. But the main problem with Singapore Daisy is that if it’s growth is not controlled on time then it will start expanding itself and later climb on a tree or any near by structure.
Later your garden or lawn will be completed covered by Singapore Daisy which will reduce the productivity of your soil for further plantation if you have some other wish list for future.
The Singapore daisy is classified as one of the top 100 worst invasive species in the world. If you want health and mixed choices garden then this weed will not be suitable for your garden.

Key points :
• Scientific Name :
Sphagneticola trilobata
• Family : Asteraceae
• Native area : Mexico, Central America,
• Plant type : perineal weed
• Sunlight : Full sun
• Blooming season : full year
• Flowers: orange -yellow which is 2cm wide
• Leaves- lush green and glossy leaves which has 3 lobed in pairs in its stem.
• Propagation: seeds and cutting
• Common names : Singapore Daisy, Creeping-oxeye, Trailing Daisy, and Wedelia

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