Shining Shady Sky in the dark Night

It was rightly said, “ the sky has no limit.”
In the night time we can experience so many amazing things. Such as twinkling stars, white – grey clouds, Moon and many other interesting things..
Has anyone ever seen self shadow in night under the presence of glittering moon?
Who has seen moving clouds and imagine them as in many cartoon characters or scary things?
I think all have experience these amazing things during the childhood . So it’s the time again to go back to old beautiful days by just having a soothing night walk.
About my walk and experience:
It was late night, when I walked out and saw a beautiful sky view. Meanwhile, wind was blowing and clouds were moving with same pace. While the trees were waving, and I was enjoying my chilly night.
After some time, I found a reflection that was showing variation in colors. It was so attractive and eye-catching as if light has especially brought from the sky in order to add a touch-up on plants. The Reflection of light was creating a effect of snow white on beautiful trees.
Thus, the combination of dark sky and green nature is as beautiful as mother’s love.
It was so magical for me. I couldn’t took my eyes out of it. To capture this shady light, I took my lens and captured it for forever…..

Written by Jyoti Thakur on .

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