Roses in the garden….. let’s know Desert Rose….!!!!!!

Flowering is not so easy…as we have heard many times…but it’s not true .. I think all flowers need little attention and love to grow…
Just few days ago, I have found Desert Rose from a nursery. if I will talk about its appearance, at first impression I thought it is a bonsai. I believe you must have been seen bonsai.. If yes then you can judge this plant easily as it is very close to Bonsai family .
So before introducing #DesertRose to my garden, I was told that it doesn’t grow easily….I didn’t care and anyhow I picked up my choice and planted this flower in my garden. initially I kept it in a Container and I have nourished it with full care and love. After some days I noticed it started blooming under the full sunlight. It was a happy moment for me.☺️
I observed desert Rose need very minimal attention. This is one of low water succulent plant that doesn’t need plenty of water . It gives very vibrant and brightest kind of feel. So if you are looking for a low water succulent plant, then give your try on desert Rose..!!!
Desert Rose is a hot pink Flowering plant that looks beautiful. it’s overall appearance is very classy as it has glossy and dark green leaves when it comes to the flowers arrangement, trumpet shaped that holds many variations of hot pink, red, white, creamy and purple in touch. Flowers are enough soft in texture and if you pay little attention towards flowers than you may find bicolor binding and types of double flowering layer.

Some Key points :
• Scientific Name: Adenium Obesum
• Family : Apocynaceae
• Native area : Tropical Africa, Arabian peninsula
• Habit : upright
• Height : 3 to 9 feet
• Width : 3 to 5 feet
• Bloom time : early summer and late spring
• Sun light : Full
• Water needs : very low
• Maintenance : low
• Special features : attracts butterflies
• Common names : Kudu, Sabi star, Mock azalea, Impala Lily and Desert Rose

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