Red Poinsettia

As the winters have approached, new series of flowers, new colors, new varieties and new blooms are taking place in the lap of nature ,
Here I picked poinsettia which is itself a unique flower because of colors and style. This is a tremendously good looking flower which seems like almost a tree. The flowers are most gorgeous during early winter.
Poinsettia flowers are deep in red color that makes beautiful bunches on the top of a plant. Actually what we see on the top of a plant are not flowers, in fact these are the upper leaves of the plant that changes its colors green or yellow or to red called as bracts.
This is one of winter’s special sub – tropical plant that looks amazing in the garden. It can be grown as indoor plants, but to grow in a proper size and shape it needs sufficient amount of heat and light during day time.
Poinsettia is one of special plants which has got the special identity as this is one of Christmas favorite Flower which is widely used for decorations.

Key points :
• Scientific Name : Euphorbia pulcherrima
• Family : Euphorbiaceae
• Native area : Mexico
• Plant type : foliage plant
• Height : upto 12inch
• Sunlight : Full sun
• Blooming season : winters
• Flowers: red and star shaped
• Leaves- green and glossy, heart shaped
• Common names : Christmas flower, lobster flower and Mexican flame leaf.

X-Mas flower
Poinsettia In my home garden
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