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Small and beautiful flowers that will create a beautiful ambience in any space. If you will look dianthus, you will fall in love with them. The mixed shades, green foliage, and abundant series of colorful flowers are often playing so many magic through its Colors and fragrance as well.
Dianthus plant can be seen as a small sized plant with so many green foliage and blooms on it.
Being a creeper plant, can provide a good groundcovers through its lovely flowers. There is a lot that dianthus offer to us. If you will see the flowers, are ring shaped and hold attractive patterns and colors on the outside of petals. It’s blossom can be seen two times in an year.

Key points :
• Scientific Name : Dianthus Chinensis
• Family : caryophyllaceae
• Native areas : northern China, Korea, Mongolia, southeastern Russia
• Plant type : perineal plant
• Habit: spreading
• Height : 6 to 12 inch
• Width : 4 to 18 inch
• Sunlight : Full sun and sometimes preferred partial shades
• Blooming season : May to August
• Flowers color: pink , red, magenta, purple and white
• Water requirements : medium
• Maintenance : average
• Soil conditions : loam and sand
• Soil drainage : dry and acidic soil
• Propagation : by seeds or cutting stems
• Common names : Chinese pink, Indian pink, rainbow rose, French mignonette, Japanese pink and pinks

Dianthus flower
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