Prickly Pear fruit- I like it

Have you ever tasted this prickly pear fruit ever?
So its taste is somewhat like watermelon and bubble gum on the inside but vicious on the outside. I tasted prickly pear during my school times. I remember, along with my friends we were always searching for it in the nearest forest.
I know everyone would like to taste this delicious fruit but it really need extra hard work to get rid of their prickly exterior.
The cactus itself is dangerous with its sharp thorns but believe me, the fruit is really delicious. You will see all around the cactus, there are inevitable hairy thorns that will sometimes sneak into your skin. Trust me, after seeing this plant you will never want to touch it.
So whenever you will find this fruit, carefully take the fruit out from its plant, like you can wear the gloves or you can use kitchen tong, fork or some other tools to remove its thorns. Wash , clean and enjoy it’s delicious taste through out the summer.

Some basic facts related to Prickly pear:
Scientific Name: opunita
Family : cactaceae
Native area: America
Height : 18 feet
Width : 10 feet
Flowers : yellow color Flower 3 to 4 inch across
Fruit color : Reddish-purple
Common uses : juices, cocktail, jams, candies, syrups
Health benefits :extract used to treat type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol.
One more interesting benefit: of prickly pear sap is added to conditioners to make hair soft, shiny and silky.
Propagation : from stem
Common names : nopal, tuna, opunita, Indian fig, cactus fruit, cactus fig

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