Power of flowers

When we see flowers, green gardens and many other natural wonders around us, don’t you feel that there is always a quite magic played by nature.
Is there any force in the nature which tends to bring a joy with in us?
As I have experienced many times, flowers are true companion for me in my lonely times.
So whenever I am getting a chance to interact with nature , I have noticed that I am more relaxed and happy with them. The translucent colors and shades always touches my senses and gives me the feeling of love.
For me, flowers are nature’s truthfully gift that could lift any bad mood and behavior in a glance of seconds. The power of a flower is like booster for me that can improve bad mood with positive energy and makes me feel good. This is how nature care for me.
Here I have got some pictures of lantana camara flowers from nature’s lap to refresh ourselves.

Written by Jyoti on .

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