“Pink Zinnia- a smiling flower”

Yes, it’s true- You are a symbol of goodness, friendship, and remembrance. I observed you personally as I found you in my own garden with your beautiful petals. In my first interaction, I noticed many reactions like surprise, happy  and  gratitude. You are really surprising me every day. 

Awesomeness– Really, you are too beautiful Pink Zinnia. You take almost sixty to seventy days from seed to flower. Also, you symbolize “Endurance” as you bloom confidently in all mid summers until frost. First, I thought to pluck you all and put them into the vase for some days but my heart did not allow me. You are continuously increasing the beauty of my garden and adding more flair to it. 

Basic points: 

  • Scientific name: Zinnia Elegans 
  • Family: Asteraceae 
  • Plant Type: Full Annual 
  • Height: 1-3 feet or 3-8 feet depends  
  • Width : 12 -18 inches 
  • Bloom time: full sun  
  • Bloom color: Pink  
  • Special Climate: full sun 
  • Maintenance: very low 
  • Water requirements: medium 
  • Soil conditions: well-drained organic soil, tolerance of poor soils 
  • Propagation: by seeds and stem cutting 
  • Common name: Zinnia 

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