Pink Rain Lily flower

Are you looking for a charming flower for your garden so that the shades can be added to your favorite area?
Rain Lily plant is one of among them. The profile of this plant is very easy to carry and maintain if you are more willing to add into your garden.
Rain Lily plant is more likely a perineal with a glowing pinkish blub flowers on a single stem at a time which tends to spreading as glossy green foliage. This flower is perfect for filling the empty space with its green and pinkish looks. Being a very neural in nature, this flower can thrive in all the weather conditions with very minimal care and attention. But during summer time, it comes with very bright shades which can stay for longer until the rainy season approaches.
No doubt by bringing such flowers will surely gives very rich and lush green appearance which can be very delightful to see in your favorite time.
Key points:
Scientific Name: Zephyranthes grandiflora
Family :amaryllis
Native areas: southern North America, Central America, and South America
Common names: rain flower rain lily, and zephyr lily
Water quantity: moderate
Sunlight quantity: full to partial sunlight
Bloom season: summer to fall
Plant depth: 1 to 2 inch
Planting proximity: 6” apart

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