Pink hibiscus Fragilis- king of Hibiscus

Rich in color, eternal beauty, an evergreen plant with glossy leaves. It is one of very rare plant that usually grow at Mauritius island. It blooms as a beautiful ring that has five petals of bright pink to red color which vary with the maturity of a flower. The flowers of hibiscus fragile is about 7 to 10 cm in diameter.
Pink hibiscus fragilis is main hibiscus plant through which other hybrids came into an existence. Hence #Mandrinette was primary species that used to development for the various hibiscus- Rosa -Sinenes that we have presently in many gardens.
Normally, #hibiscusfragilis found in both tropical and subtropical regions. It belongs to family #Malvaceae.
Brief history behind hibiscus:
As mentioned, due to the introduction of Chinese hibiscus, it was observed that there was a direct decline seen for the use of pink hibiscus in #Mauritiusgardens. It was proved as only there was 46 wild plants exists that was not capable of further reproduction due to hybridization.
A well known brand named as Kew, performing reproduction experiments in one of most famous Royal botanical garden through ex- situ conservation. it is a process throughout which many reproduction seedlings of the Species is carrying on for the successful reintroduction into the wild nature. Presently, in Royal botanical garden has 200 more new species.

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