Pick me!! pick me!!

how beautiful!!!!! The words are not enough…..
So soft, velvety feel, blood red in color and wrapped petals are the true identity of red roses.
There is no secret about red roses that it symbolizes Love, beauty, perfection and romance. From the centuries, we are seeing, its existence is considered as a kind of language that developed to express one’s emotions and love.
red roses are magical:
Don’t you think, sometimes the red roses are magical as they speaks the language of love. A trend is going since eternity to present your special day like anniversary, birthday, first date, and valentine’s day with a lovely Rose is just a perfect way to express the most honored words “ I love you”. So if you want to express your love and care to someone, giving red roses will be a best gift ,
To know more interesting about red roses by their numbers:
Now to identify how many roses you should pick for your beloved one. There is always a hidden meanings associated with numbers of red roses. So let’s check out what red roses means by their respective numbers. let’s know…
One red Rose- to represent love at first sight, last long relationship.
Two red roses – affection and mutual love for each other.
Three red roses -. A way to celebrate one month anniversary gift that signifies simply “I love you”
Six red roses -giving three pairs of red roses to someone will define that he or she want to be yours for forever. Can be infactuation
Nine red roses is to show an eternal love
Ten red roses is like a perfect bouquet to show perfection and deep affection in love
Eleven red roses signifies– for true and deep love
Twelve red roses implies – if you can’t live without Someone. Best pick ever to show your love.
Fifteen red roses are given to express sorry
Twenty four red roses indicates I am just yours..
Thirty six roses–you have attained the maximum height of the love.. an eternal love
Fifty red roses- wow it will be ultimate gift for someone whom you love beyond any conditions. When love is like no boundaries And no limits.

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