Parrot Heliconia – Constant Beauty

Parrot Heliconia is an evergreen perennials that tends to give a royal feel in any domain . If you will see this flower from top to bottom, it gives an exotic and pleasant cover to the ground.
This flower love to bloom during full sun light and needs very less attention to grow. So it’s a good choice to keep this plant in your garden which would be a eye catcher to hundred of hummingbirds. Hummingbirds love to play with this flowers to get themselves feed as this flower is a great source of nectar.
As parrot Heliconia has no particular blooming season, hence can produce inflorescence throughout the year.
The lush green shiny leaves has prominent center, sharp tips flowers in red color (bracts) . The bunches of flowers are in banana shapes and typically 4 to 5 inch long which is always fresh, fleshy and with dark blue berries. The consistent arrangement of leaves and flowers are alternative on the part of stem that Play a protective role to protect the flowers during synthesis process.
The beauty of parrot Heliconia can be seen in many colors series of red, yellow, orange and green. Medium temperature conditions and well drained soil will be enough help to bloom it for last.

Key points :
• Scientific Name : Heliconia Pisttacorum
• Family : Heliconiaceae
• Native areas : French Guiana, Guyana , Suriname, Venezuela, Columbia, Bolivia, Panama, Brazil, Paraguay, Tobago, and Trinidad
• Plant type : perennials
• Height : 3 to 6 feet
• Width : 2 to 3 feet
• Sunlight : Full sun , partial Sun
• Blooming season : spring, summer, fall and Winter
• Blooming colors : yellow, white, red and orange
• Water requirements : medium
• Maintenance : average
• Soil conditions : clay, loam and sandy
• Soil drainage : well drained and moist
• Flower type : showy and evergreen
• Main attraction : hummingbirds
• Propagation : by seed
• Common names – parrot Heliconia, parrot’s beak, parrot’s flower, parrot’s plantain, false bird of paradise, golden torch, Japanese canna, parakeet flower

Parrot Heliconia
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