Outstanding outdoor choice-Orange honeysuckle vines 🧡

Another mixed combination in the garden, pairing with reddish- orange flower clusters with shady woodland. This is one of the fast growing plant.

Trumpet shaped bloom followed by bright green leaves add special background to the surrounding. And its bunch of flowers give a warmth feel all around.
Because of its flawless beauty, it’s home to many birds and flies which helps to produce a pure nectar.

  • Scientific name : lonicera ciliosa
  • Climate required : Dry
  • Plant type : Woody shurb
  • Dimensions : 10 to 19.7ft tall 30ft wide
  • Blooming Time : summer and spring
  • Special attraction : flies and birds
  • Special shape : Trumpet
  • Common name : Trumpet Honeysuckle

Special about Trumpet : rich in nectar

Written by Jyoti Thakur on .

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