Nutritious Tree with many qualities👍

Indian Almond Tree

Crown shaped, leathery leaves which are very big in size 30 to 35 meter , refine it’s beauty more. The branches spreads horizontally down around the trunk.

This tree comes with many qualities. Each of leaves, roots, nuts and even it’s wood. This is over all a nutritious tree and we should appreciate its benefits and we should plant it.

Additionally, it has many medicinal properties like
— Leaves of tree used to treat various problems like skin irritation, eyes, open wounds, digestive and liver problems.

–seeds used to pressed for oil which can be used for cooking, American is one of them.

–Root used to fight infection because of its an antimicrobial in nature

Key points:

  • Scientific Name : Terminalia catappa
  • Family : Combretaceae (Rangoon Creeper)
  • Origin countries : Asia, Africa , Australia
  • Leaves specification : green in colour, large in size(15 to 25cm)and (10 to 14cm ) broad and oval in shape
  • Fruit Colour : Initially green in colour, yellow or some turn reddish- purple, when fully ripe.
  • Taste : Sweet and acidic in flavour
  • Plant Height : 115 ft
  • Plant spread : 5 inch
  • Climate required : Tropical
  • Light : full sun, and semi shady
  • Water requirements : frequent watering
  • Soil conditions : good drainage
  • Bloom time : February to July
  • Propagation : from Cutting and seeds
  • Plantation time : December to January
  • Common names: Indian Almond(Badam), country Almond, Malabar, sea, Tropical, beach and false kamani
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