Night Glow on the tree

We are all habitual of appreciating the beauty of trees in daylight but, have you ever experienced the beauty of trees at night?
Believe me, there are so many beautiful sights in the night as well. Yesterday only when it was windy night, I came across the lovely sight for first time while walking in one of my secret place

I observed a reddish -gold glow touch – up on a tree, the effect was so deep that I gazed upwards to capture this beautiful tree in a different mode.

I saw a pole of light was placed very close to this tree, and it was giving magnificent effects on branches and leaves of the tree.
I stood beneath the tree for some time and perceived a quiet and calm sense which was created by the tree. The tree was standing still with few colorful leaves on it and branches, new stems were growing in all kinds of directions. I continue to be fascinate myself as the colors of leaves was giving me a feeling of joy.

Beauty of tree at night
Written by Jyoti Thakur on .

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