Nature is itself an abode for all of us♥️

I am wondering what could be inside?!!!

Here I found you, hanging on a tree, birds were chirping around , cool breeze was blowing and a little sound coming through, I can hear it ,,,chi chi..♥️(your mother’s voice)

So here, one day I was walking around, and on my way I saw you, I couldn’t resist myself to see you. So i tried to see you inside your love home but I couldn’t make it because you were wrapped inside a white shell.

On the same time,I saw up and Your mother was on a tree looking at me, and I felt her curosity as well like me . I decided to move away from your sweet home and Just to feel your existence I took some of your pictures.

I will come soon to see u… Hope you will be eager to meet me as well

Written by Jyoti Thakur on .

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