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One of my favorite plant that I have found in the corner of my garden. This is one of the oldest one .
I still remember my father planted this plant many years ago. Now this is a full grown tree with lavish structure and extraordinary leaves. I love rubber plants and love to grow many more around me.
Rubber plants need very less effort and care to grow. So I decided to grow one as an indoor . I cut the stem from my old tree and planted into a ceramic pot, after few days I saw it looming quiet progressively .
I started following this on daily routine because I love to see how nicely it exhibits different colors and shades , Now this is one of my Classy addition as indoor Plantation.
Time and care that it requires is :
• Cleaning its leaves with a damp sponge once in a week.
• Spraying normal water on the leaves.
This is all rubber plant need to grow more…so bring rubber plant to your home and make your home green special

Key points related to rubber plant:
• Scientific Name : Ficus Elastica
• Family : Moraceae
• Native areas : Indian sub – continent and south -eastern Asia
• Plant type : perineal and indoor plant
• Foliage type: evergreen and shiny leaves
• Height : upto 50 feet
• Width : upto 25 feet
• Bloom time: all seasons
• Flower: yellowish green
• Sunlight : bright sun and sometimes preferred partial shade
• Water requirements : medium watering
• Maintenance : very low
• Soil conditions : well drained soil
• Soil drainage : dry and acidic soil
• Propagation : by cuttings and air layering
• Health benefits: helpful for cuts, wounds, muscle pain, joints pain and for insects bites.
• Toxic : sap is always toxic and can cause burning sensation if it comes in contact
• Common names: rubber fig, rubber plant, Indian rubber tree, rubber bush, Assam rubber

Rubber tree
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