Morning Glory- symbol of freshness

If you have plenty of space around your home and you want to put a warm and glossy color appearance to your specific area, then here is a surprise; a simple and loving Vine which will surely be going to convert a simple looking home into a dream Home.
Morning glory is a new selection, to create a vibrant look to your overall surroundings. By choosing morning glory, the appearance looks like as the flowers are falling down to cover full ground.
The introduction of morning glory need not any special care and maintenance. By throwing a simple seed in a good organic soil will lead to an aggressive plant with fast growth.
It grow like a creeper plant with trumpet shaped flowers of blue and white color on center. It’s heart shaped leaves, gorgeous flowers usually open up early morning with full rays. Morning glory can be shaped into any desired look and we can easily take it on the terrace, on fence, walls and a landscape also.

key facts:

  • Scientific Name: ipomoea
  • Family : Convolvulaceae
  • Native countries : Mexico and Central America
  • Height : 6 to 12 feet usually
  • Width : 1.2 to 2.4 inch
  • Special light: full sun
  • Bloom time : June to October
  • Toxicity : seeds highly toxic in nature if consumed.
  • Common names: morning glory; shaggy dwarf morning- glory
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