Mixed Shades – lantana Camera

L. Camera is evergreen perineal plant that has tendency to spread itself as a hanging or climbing shrub that can grow upto 2 meters long. Its kind of thorny, upright that holds mixed shades of orange and yellow in colors.
If you will notice this plant ever, it’s leaves are dark green in color and angular in shape. The feel of such flowers are rough enough if you will touch with your fingers. Its colorful appearance can be seen in local gardens as a ground cover. Ideally, Lantana can be potted as a houseplant because of its colorful blossom that looks very beautiful especially in winter season. However this can be kept as outside during summer time.
The special about lantana camera is that it is cultivated widely as an ornamental, however in today’s market nurseries offer varieties of these plants.
Easy care :
Follow the simple steps to maintain lantana camera:
• If possible try to keep this plant inside during winters.
• This should not be exposed to heavy rain or cold wind. Ideally this preferred sunny , warm and bright location to grow properly.

Key points :
• Scientific Name : lantana Camera
• Family : verbena
• Native areas : Central and South
• Blooming period: May to October
• Soil conditions : slightly acidic to neutral
• Idle Plantation time: during spring
• Water requirements: frequent watering
• Propagation : through cutting or by showing seeds
• Toxicity : All parts are poisonous in nature
• Common names : Big sage(Malaysia), wild sage, red sage, white sage( Caribbean), gu phool (Assam in India), West Indian lantana, korsu wiri (Suriname), tickberry(South Africa)

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