Lovely Hong Cong orchid tree

Hong Cong orchid tree is a lovely addition to any space that will bring warmness through its large pinkish- purple flowers. It is an evergreen tropical tree that will create vibrant and versatile landscapes when in bloom.
Mainly it’s winter flower which starts spreading its fragrant blooms in the end of November. The flower is breathtaking and can bloom upto 4 to 5 months provided with regular watering and proper sunlight.
This tree is also known as the floral emblem of Hong Cong and can be seen on coins, flag and on coats.

Key points:
Scientific name: Bauhinia x blakeana
Family : Fabaceae (gulmohar)
Origin: Hong Cong
Plant type: tree
Height : 20 feet
Width : 25 feet
Sunlight : preferred both full and partial sunlight
Water requirements: frequent watering
Soil needs: clay, loam and sand
Blooming season: early winter
Growth rate: moderate
Flower appearance: red and showy flowers.
Flower size: 5 to 6 inch
Foliage color: green
Common names: Hong Cong orchid tree, red flowered bauhinia, purple orchid tree

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