Love for red❤️Ixora plant (found in the garden)

The plant has bright red valvet and smoothy feel with bunch of tiny oval shaped flowers with glossy leaves. This shurb has a large clusters that bloom regularly ,

Due to its magical and vibrant red colour,it can be easily found in the land of forest, roadside, and in gardens. Shrub like this can add an extra wonders to ur garden

Important to know:

The shurb has medicinal properties such as **its roots are considered to have antiseptic, analgesic and stomachic properties. It can also help to bring relief from abdominal pain, fever, hiccups nausea and many more.

**The leaves and bark of ixora plant are used as a remedy for diarrhoea, sore throat and ulcers also.

Name of the plant : ixora coccinea

Family : rubiaceae

Height 4 to 6 inch

Climate required : Dense

Best season : spring

Other good names : jungle flame and flame of the woods

Written by Jyoti Thakur on .

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