Lotus in water

It’s always give us deep happiness when we see lotus in water.🙂 Lotus hold a special sacred meaning because of its secret meaning. Unlike other flowering plants, lotus hold a very unique life cycle to.intcat with nature circle. As we all know it’s flower gets submerged into the water at night and flourish in the morning. So it is considered as the re-birth of flower which represents purity, self- regeneration, serenity for everything.
So growing a lotus flower around your home will not only be adding a beautiful ambience but also a spiritual warmness.
Imaging you have a big or small pond of lotus in your garden, the feel will be surely awesome. As lotus love to flourish in sunlight, its charming colors such as white, red, pink, yellow lavender and blue that love to bloom during summers. It is one of the most majestic aqua plant with exotic fragrances. There is no doubt, it’s presence will be enough to draw your attention.
There is much more about this delicate beauty, let’s know what makes Lotus, so special…

Lotus is national Flower for India and Vietnam
• It is a sacred Buddhist flower
• It’s flower petals opens in morning and close at the evening.
• Scientific name: Nelumbo nucifera
• Family : Nelumbonaceae
• Native areas: India and China
• Height: 49 inch
• Width : 10 feet
• Edible parts: stem, rhizomes
• Medicinal uses: for the treatment of muscle, pains and spasms.
• Propogation: seeds, rhizomes
• Common names: Indian lotus, sacred lotus, bean of India, Egyptian bean, Lotus and water Lily

Lotus Lily
In my home garden
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