Little sun in the sky

It was the time when I was cherishing my precious time in the lap of mountains. Everyday comes up with full of surprises, as I experienced wonderful nature in many forms. One day, it was around 6 :30 am in the morning, I noticed little sun was appearing as if it has emerged with all the beautiful colors around us.
The sun was spotted nicely through my window. It was so attractive and intense that I couldn’t moved my eyes beyond it to anything . The feel of sun and beauty surrounded by mountains was just breathtaking.
Thought it was cold morning but I didn’t care. I went out, and saw the layers of more amazing colors.
All the visuals were memorized as if a smiling sun, dancing clouds, and waving trees were welcoming a new day. This was the best moment for me and I clicked that particular moment of gratitude and kept this for forever.

smiling Sun 🌞
Written by Jyoti Thakur on .

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