Little Sacred fig

I was trying to grow sacred fig from long time but still not going good with my luck..
I have tried all the possible ways but it was not enough..
Sooner, I got lucky when I found this little Sacred fig which was already planted in a container and was placed on an open space. It was so beautiful and it’s gorgeous heart shaped leaves from small branches were ready to sprout.
I saw some of the branches were bending down and some leaves have been fallen down.
I can imagine it’s going to grow a fantastic height very soon and it is obviously thriving where it is standing today,
I am crazy to know and wondering what if it will become birds favorite plant.

Some basic points:
scientific name: ficus religiosa
Family: Moraceae
Native areas: the Indian subcontinent and Indo-China
Genus: Ficus
Plant type : tree
Water need : medium watering
Sun exposure: full sun
Foilage : evergreen
Height : over 40 feet
Width : 30 to 40 feet
Propagation : seeds, cutting
Common names: bo tree, bodhi, botree fig, peepul, pipal, sacred fig, sacred tree,

Sacred fig
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