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I have found cogonograss in a play ground and no doubt it looks very impressive and makes a beautiful and nice colorful ambiance through out the ground but it’s considered as one of worst weed and highly aggressive in nature. So It’s aggressive nature is giving us an indicative alarm to think twice before placing it anywhere in an open space.
This hardy weed can grow 2 to 10 feet as a perennial grass with lime green leaves which is about 2cm wide at the base. The edges of the leaves are quite sharp and so as its tip of each leaf is off white in color. Normally this Grass is found in sandy soil and can survive well in dry regions as well. Being a noxious weed in many areas of tropics, it is harvested fully for its wide range of Medicinal, edible, soil stabilization and other uses.
In India, this Grass is popular as darbha or kusha grass.

Some basic facts:
• Scientific Name: Imperata cylindrica
• Family : Poaceae
• Native areas: normally found in all the countries in the humid tropics such as Africa, Asia, Mediterranean and Oceania
• Height : 2 to 5 feet
• Propagation : from seeds
• Common names : wolly grass,cogon grass, blady grass, kura- kura, cotton wool grass

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