India’s one of known and loving tree( Gulmohar tree)

India’s one of known and loving tree( Gulmohar tree)

Flamboyant Tree🌲

Beauty of flame tree is presious and so as it’s name, root, fern like leaves and vibrant flowers.

Flame tree can grow upto 5 feet a year with a covering spread upto 60ft. It’s 3 to 4 inch wide orange- red flowers along with bright green leaves makes flame tree exceptionally amazing.
its an umbrella shaped, and spreading crown provide shade and home to many birds ,

From top to bottom, it’s endless beauty will surely not let you move your eyes from it…. belive me!!!!

Its stunning beauty can be seen during summer time.

Some useful information mentioned as:

  • Scientific name : Delonix regia
  • Family : Fabaceae
  • Subfaimly : caesalpinioideae
  • Native : Madagaskar (Africa)
  • Height : 50 feet
  • Width : 40 to 60 feet
  • Special Weather : full sun
  • Cultivation : both in tropical and sub tropical regions.
  • Growth rate : very fast
  • Soil conditions : clay, sandy, loamy and gravelly soil
  • Propagation : through seeds
  • Known names : royal poinciana, flame of the forest, flame tree and flamboyant.
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