Indian chrysanthemum- winter’s love

Indian chrysanthemum flower could be in the wish list of many gardeners…
When I was traveling during winters to my native place which is in North India, I have seen that this flower was blooming everywhere. The feel of Indian chrysanthemum flower during winters is as if all yellow color flowers are specially brought to these gardens from somewhere in heaven for beautifying our nature.
The feel and power of Indian chrysanthemum flowers can be felt when you will sit sometimes around them, their strong and fresh fragrance will fascinate you. I must say this flower is a magic under the presence of sunlight.
I think without such flowers our winter’s are incomplete and dull. It seems as soon as winter approaches we can easily add this flower to give a gorgeous pop of color in the garden. With a little hard-work, we can have smiling yellow lush gardens to celebrate the special season- called as winter
I have also decided this flower would be in my to do wish list for next winters till then I can enjoy with these lovely pictures.

Key points:
• Scientific Name: Chrysanthemum indicium
• Family: sun Flower
• Native areas: china and Japan
• Habit: erect and clump forming
• Foliage: deciduous
• Height:0.60m
• Soil type: Clay, Loamy, Sandy
• Soil drainage: Moist and well-drained,
• Soil pH: Acid, Alkaline, Neutral
• Light: Full Sun
• Fragrance: aromatic leaves with strongly fragrant Flowers
• Color of flower: yellow
• Propagation: cutting
• Common names: Indian chrysanthemum, Dendranthema indicium

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