I love clouds

Amazing Sky…..
How amazingly sky can change it’s colors. Magical isn’t it.. ,
This wonderful picture was taken in a village of Himachal Pradesh. All the beautiful forms we can chase over the mountains of the Himalayas.
It’s been a while since I have not seen such a beautiful sky with full clouds but this time I got lucky…..
Clouds, clouds, clouds….everywhere I can see clouds. I love clouds and I love to capture them all around the world.
This was the evening time when I was roaming around the streets of my village, I got a glimpse of Beautiful sky, I have never seen such a beautiful cloudy sky in recent time,
I was so impressed as if all the clouds were rolling to each others. Meanwhile the transition of colors were so quick from white to indigo. That moment was incredible.
In picture, clearly we can see the effects of lights of clouds on the grounds. The trees are more beautiful and each branch is refining its beauty more.

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