Golden Arrow 💚

Plumeria pudica is a Latin name that natives to tropical regions of Panama, Columbia and Venezuela.
The plant has five petals which come in white, and yellow color at center, spoon shaped leathery leaves(semi green in color) and thick stems with full blossom.
We cant grow Plumeria plant in the cold climate, as they need daily sunlight of 5 to 6 hours ,
Most popular concept that Plumeria flowers are used for is in making of floral garlands.

Basic points:

  • Scientific name : plumeria pudica
  • Family : Apocynaceae
  • Climate : full sun
  • Bloom time : Summer and spring
  • Soil : moist and well drained
  • Height : 4 to 8 ft
  • Width : 4 to 6 ft
  • Propagation :by cutting stem
  • Common names : Golden arrow, Gilded spoon and pink flowering hybrid ( produced in Thailand) called as pink pudica
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