Ghost plant

Many times I have tried my luck to grow succulent plant as a houseplant, but due to hard conditions I have always met with disappointment as most of the plant in this specimen needs extra efforts to grow.
after trying so many varieties in the succulent series, I have try my luck by growing ghost plant in my garden. It is easy to grow as it has tendency to get it propagated from single leaf to a full fledged plant in the pot. Ghost plant hold pinkish thick leaves that consume good amount of moisture so that it can survive for a longer time if in case there is no rain in future time as well.
The awesomeness of ghost plant can be seen through leaves. It gives very classy look if you will plant inside your home. From its thick stem to leaves, we can enjoy it’s colors changing abilities in all the seasons.

Key points :
• Scientific Name : Graptopetalum paraguayense
• Family : crassulaceae
• Native area : Mexico and Tamaulipas
• Plant type : perineal succulent
• Height : 6 to 12 inch
• Width : 20 Inch
• Sunlight : Full to partial sun
• Soil type: Sandy and clay
• Blooming season : Spring
• Flower color: yellow
• Maintenance needed : very low
• Water requirements :occasionally
• Propagation : seeds or from cuttings
• Common names : Sedum weinbergii, Mother-of-pearl-plant and ghost plant

Ghost 👻 plant
Younger one
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