Garden verbena

Simple and beautiful flowers which will be going to be a perfect match for any gardener who loves to plant in an enclosed space. Its vibrant and versatile flower which will surely be going to add extra beauty and colors to the summer garden. The verbena gives more awesomeness if you will put in your balcony as hanging flower or as a window container.
The best season to grow verbena is to start early in March and April and full Bloom can be enjoyed many times during the springs and winters. Unlike other plants verbena needs very less attention and care to grow. All verbena requires is daily 6 hours of minimum sun light and well drained soil to grow. When flowers bloom, irregular colorful lobes in pink shades and white center can be seen easily.

Key points :
• Scientific Name : verbena
• Family : Verbenaceae
• Native areas : Tropical and subtropical of Americas
• Plant type : annual plant
• Habit: spreading
• Height : 5 feet
• Width : 2 to 5 feet
• Sunlight : Full sun and sometimes preferred partial shades
• Blooming season : winter and springs
• Flowers color: pink and white
• Water requirements : medium
• Maintenance : average
• Soil conditions : loam and sand
• Soil drainage : dry and acidic soil
• Propagation : by seeds or cutting
• Common names : verbena

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