Garden Croton- A sun loving plant

Garden Croton- is one of the foliage plant that has many names such as variegated croton and Joseph’s coat. This plant is famous for its amazing look.

Garden Croton is not easy plant to grow as it need a proper care and attention.

Key points: it is outdoor and an evergreen shrub. Sometimes it can grow as indoor but under certain temperatures condition. It can add great colour to your home if you will add them inside your house.

It can grow upto 3 meters tall, so if it is planted in the gardens, thay can create a beautiful landscape and gives a very neat look. It’s leaves are enough attractive and very soft. As this plant has no flower, but due to its interesting colors of leaves you can have appealing colours pattern such as green to deep pruple.

  • Scientific name:Scientific name:Codiaeum variegatum
  • Origin :South India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Western Pacific Islands
  • Maximum height: upto 3 feet
  • Light requirements: need proper light to grow well.
  • Water need: soil should be moist in the summers.
  • Soil: well drained soil will be needed for the proper growth
  • Poisonous to pets such as cats and dogs
  • Being a sun loving plant it enjoy a pretty much humid environment.
  • Easy to propogate by cutting stem during springs.
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